June 4, 2022 | Intergroup Meeting Agenda

Iowa SAA Intergroup

2:00 pm, Sunday, June 4, 2022


1. Roll Call – Secretary

1.1 Intergroup Members

XChris G.Cedar Valley – Saturday
XRich RFt. Dodge – Monday
XDon SAt-Large

Andy WDecorah
XLarry TIowa City – Wednesday
   XAaron VOnline Content Coordinator  (non-voting)

VacantDavenport, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Valley (Tue)

1.2 Introduction of any new members or guests

2. Call to Order and Opening – Chair: 2:05 PM Central

2.1 Request for volunteers to read the following:

Step – Andy

Tradition – Larry

Service Concept – Aaron

Code Of conduct – Chris

2.2 After a moment of silence, the Serenity Prayer, read by all:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

2.3 Reading of Step, Tradition, and Service Concept of the Month 

2.3.1 Step:  Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

2.3.2 Tradition: Each group has but one primary purpose – to carry its message to the sex addict who still suffers.

2.3.3 SAA (draft) Service Concept: Throughout the SAA service structure, there is a traditional “right of appeal” which encourages clear processes for the consideration of minority opinion and for handling grievances.

2.3.4 Code of Conduct – 

  • Committed to service and being guided by the Twelve Traditions of SAA and the Twelve Concepts for World Service (A.A.)
  • Successful in SAA recovery
  • Open-minded
  • Respectful of all and willing to hear all views
  • Supportive of the Group Conscience
  • Accountable to service groups and to the fellowship
  • Approachable
  • Courteous and well-mannered.

2.4 The Iowa SAA Intergroup Purpose Statement, read by all:

“To support the member meetings and the still suffering addict.”

3. Adoption of Agenda 

4. Approval/Acceptance of Minutes

5. Reports

5.1 Treasurer: Rich R  

  • Reminder: We have a Venmo account:  iowa-intergroup
  • $220 from cedar valley Tuesday
  • Another payment or two coming from IC

5.2 Area 26: Chris G (Advocate) / Don S (Delegate)

  • Contact info for meetings in our Area: (NOT PUBLIC)
  • Chris to get agenda/etc sent out for June meeting

5.3 Outreach: Rich R / Chris G

noting new, just some spam from the current site form

5.4 Online content/presence: Aaron

  • Structurally, the staging site is pretty finalized but needs content, particularly from the groups
    • The next step is to buy the calendar plugin and populate dates
    • funded by two individuals from IC for one year
  • Request that we dedicate 1 hour of meeting time to populate content.

6. Old Business

6.1 2022 event planning

  • Fall retreat (The weekend of Oct 21-23 at Pilgrim Heights)
  • Seminar in the summer
    • Looking at June 11th in Iowa City
      • confirm timing/agenda and address
        • Aaron will have Mark create a sign to mark the entrance to the driveway
      • Aaron will share the address
      • Start time – 
        • Topics – 50 minutes w/ 10 min potty break plus an allowance for shorter or longer if session indicates
        • 9/a soft start (coffee, fellowship)
        • 9:30 Topic 1  (Boundaries are Love, Larry)
        • 10:30 Topic 2  (Safe & Sober Meetings, Don S, Dawn S)
        • 11:30  Lunch
          • Announcements / Intergroup update
        • 12:30ish  Topic 3:  (Steps 6/7, Chris)
        • 1:30ish:  Gratitude Circle
        • 2:00 Close
    • Discuss topics
      • Theme(s)?:  
        • Boundaries (are love)
        • Possibility of having large-format meetings now
        • Group boundaries (safety) – open forum – pamphlet – Safe and Sober Meetings.
        • Step: Six / Seven 
        • Include update on Intergroup structure, activities
      • MC: 
        • 1. Shanghai sbdy from Iowa City
          • else
        • 2. Chris
    • Food or other considerations
      • Chris has Bluetooth speaker/mic; Aaron has laptop and wi-fi phone as well.
      • CHAIRS: bring one or two if you got
      • LUNCH: bring sthg for the grill and a side to share
        • Optional oven at least for those who want to grill sthg non-meat.
        • INTERGROUP: drinks, tableware, & fixings
        • Larry will bring extra grill for non-meat items
        • Larry will purchase condiments, beverages and ice to be reimbursed by Intergroup
      • INDOOR/OUTDOOR?: weather permitting, outside might be nice
    • Anything to put on website? Aaron will post something if we give him something to post.
      • Iowa City: 6 – 10
      • Decorah:  2
      • Ft. Dodge: 0
      • Davenport via Clinton:  1
      • Cedar Valley Sat. & Tues: 1 

6.2 Intergroup Annual Report – Chris G

  • Identify next steps and timing

6.3 Website feedback – Aaron V

7. New Business

7.1 None

8 Updates and Announcements

8.1  Next meeting:  Saturday, June 4, 9/a 30 mins.

8.2  Upcoming International SAA Convention

May 27-30 2022 in Atlanta, GA

https://saa-convention.org/ (NOT PUBLIC)

9 Adjourn  

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